It’s never too early to record a life story! Most interviews are done with people age 65 an older, but we are available to create life stories for all ages.

What ages do you serve?

We want your loved one to feel as comfortable as possible! They are welcome to have someone there with them if they want, but it is totally optional.

Should someone be there with my loved one for their interview?

Help them collect photographs from their past. We love to have 30-50 pictures of the main events of their lives available for filming day. We capture these images on video and use them as supplemental video.

How can I prepare my loved one for their interview?

The life story video goes into depth on your loved ones early life, and covers up until current day. It captures the main events of their lives and shares lessons they have learned throughout their experiences. The two-in-one story ends up being longer video, because it goes over life stories of both individuals. It covers early in their lives and then goes on to explain how they intertwined their stories. This package goes into depth about what brought the couple together, what has kept them together throughout the years, and lessons they have learned along the way.

What’s the difference between the life story video and the two-in-one life story?

Yes! Though full payment upon booking is an option, we also offer a payment plan. Our payment plan consists of one third paid upon booking, one third paid by filming day, and one third paid before receiving the final product.

Do you have a payment plan?